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Upcoming Events
Sunday, September 21, 2014
11:00 AM
Double Wedding Ring QuiltIf you are an avid quilter, or never quilted before but are interested then this may be the group for you.  There are advanced quilters, and beginners alike gathering together to work on individual (and sometimes group) projects.  We are there to help and learn from each other.  

This is an group that is open for all.  Just bring your supplies.  You DO NOT have to register for this event, but if you do so we will be able to add you to the email list.

Currently we meet on the 3rd Sunday of the Month, but a weekday may be added as well.
Community Room
Mattoon Public Library

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If you participated in the Summer Reading Program at Mattoon last year, you just need to click on the "Signed up before" button and update your information.

This program is for kids who have just finished Grades 3-5.

Earn Extra chances to win the Grand Prize by writing reviews. Reviews MUST be 2 sentences or longer, or the review will be denied. Reviews only count if they are made public. The reviewers name WILL NOT appear on the review.

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Mattoon SHARECatalog
I liked this book. I read the whole book at one time because of what the author had said. she said that her closet had some of the same things that his closet had and that interested me.  Mattoon SHARECatalog
Mattoon SHARECatalog
So amazing! Best book I've read in a loooong time! I love how Patrick Carmen mixes action with a love triangle. This is the first book in a trilogy. I recommend this book to maybe a 6th grader at the least. But if you are younger and more mature that's OK.  Mattoon SHARECatalog
Mattoon SHARECatalog
(Teenage Ninja Turtles: The Fight for The Turnstone by Dean Clarrain) This book is interesting. I love the Turtles.  Mattoon SHARECatalog
Mattoon SHARECatalog
I am almost finished with this book. I really like the comedy in this book. I like the comedy in all of the Big Nate books.  Mattoon SHARECatalog
Mattoon SHARECatalog
This book is full of hints and tips for playing Minecraft. I knew a lot of the tips from before; but, I'm glad there were some tips that helped me too.   Mattoon SHARECatalog